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Sunoco 116 Maximal Race Fuel

Sunoco 116 Maximal Race Fuel
US $68.75
Product code (SKU):  S116-5
Hazmat Fee:  US $29.50
Weight: 38 lbs

SUNOCO MAXIMAL 116 RED rn A leaded racing fuel for exceptionally high performance applications such as Pro Stock drag racing, two and four-stroke engines or any other high cylinder pressure engines. Sunoco Maximal is formulated as a racer's winning edge. It will protect engines with static compression ratios up to 17:1. It has a very narrow distillation curve and a low final boiling point to help improve thermal combustion efficiency at high engine speeds. Sunoco Maximal's distinctive fast burn characteristics provides maximum efficiency and burning speed in even high stress 10,000 plus RPM operation.

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